Software Developer
Write code that impacts lives directly. Come join us at Airo Health. We are a fast growing Y Combinator-funded company looking for its next team member, who is a generalist in software development. You are adept in fundamental programming concepts, and you can pick up any language with relative ease. You’ve hacked together several projects in your free time, just for fun.

If you look at every problem as a challenge, we want you to come help build Airo. Airo is a next generation armband that has changed how 22,000 people think about their health. If you’re looking to jumpstart the next wave of your career by diving headfirst into the role, come work with us. We are a multidisciplinary team that brings together expertise in biomedical engineering, user experience, artificial intelligence, software engineering, hardware engineering, and manufacturing.

Primarily using Python / Javascript, Airo’s backend is written in Python / C, frontend is in ReactJS, and mobile apps are in React Native. We expect you to have 3+ years of experience in at least 2 of the 4 technologies. We expect that you’ll have working knowledge of the rest by end of the first week, and have built something significant in each by end of week two.

Send your resume and sample projects to

  • Work with Program Manager to convert user needs into a technical design.
  • Implement design in a timely fashion.
  • Push apps to user and fix bugs. Bi-weekly.
  • Work through problems systematically.
  • Organize code via source control.
  • Expert knowledge of fundamental programming concepts.
  • Ability to architect a design from requirements.
  • Ability to implement a design in code.
  • 3+ years of industry experience writing backends or frontends.
  • Medium level of expertise in Python and Javascript.
  • Medium level of expertise in Javascript.
  • ReactJS and React Native experience is a nice to have.
  • Full time role; or
  • Co-op with minimum 12 month commitment.
  • Work at location in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Send your resume and sample projects to

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